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Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances For Small Businesses

In todays economy business owners are faced with a dilemma. Banks aren’t quick to lend business owners money, while business owners rely on immediate cash to help their businesses improve and grow. Often times, business owners are faced with a rigorous and lengthy application process from banks, only to be denied when they need the funds most.

AdvantEdge Corp. serves to alleviate the frustration of these obstacles by offering a fast and convenient 4 step process to secure the loan you are seeking. The alternative Cash Advance you will receive from our Merchant Cash Advance company differs from a bank loan in the following ways: No collateral, No fixed term of repayment, No late payment fees, & No penalties or surcharges!

To be eligible for a Merchant Cash Advance loan you must:

  • Process at least 50 credit card transactions a month.
  • Have a minimum of $4000 in credit card sales monthly.
  • Have owned the business for at least 6 months.
  • Have no open bankruptcies or foreclosures.

So how does repayment for a cash advance work?

AdvantEdge Corp. purchases credit card receivables from the merchant borrower. We advance money on the borrower’s future credit card recievables. Here is a breakdown of the Merchant Cash Advance process:

  • Funds are deposited directly into your business account in as little as 72 hours.
  • A reasonable, agreed-upon percentage of repayment is deducted from your future credit card transactions until the loan and the percentage is satisfactorily repaid.
  • Repayment is based on percentage of business income which means that business owners aren’t overwhelmed with the responsibility of paying a sum they can’t afford. When your business is thriving, you are on your way to a speedy repayment. However, if you’re having a slow month, the amount of repayment lessens.
  • The entire process is electronic which means that you aren’t burdened with the hassle of writing checks.

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Here’s Just A Few Ways Clients Are Using Their Cash Advances:

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