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Frequently Asked Questions

AdventEdge Corp guarantees that you will always have access to a representative who will answer all of your  questions and concerns. To get you started, below are frequently asked questions.

  1. What is a Merchant Cash Advance?
    A Merchant Cash Advance is a lump sum payment deposited in your business account.  In exchange, you agree to sell us a percentage of your future credit card/receivables at an agreed upon percentage.  Every time your customer makes a credit card purchase, you are on your way to paying back the loan at the agreed upon percentage.  The settlement comes directly from the credit card processor associated with the business, in order to take money from the business owners POS, in order to quickly and efficiently pay back the loan.

  2. How does a Merchant Cash Advance compare to a traditional loan?
    Merchant Cash Advances are hassle free and fast.  Businesses who would be caught in the red tape associated with traditional loans, often get approvals within 72 hours of request with a Merchant Cash Advance provider. Because there are no checks to write, and the money is paid back at every Point Of Sale automatically, there is no concerning yourself with late fees.  In addition, there are no fixed payments, late fees, hidden fees or interests.  That means the agreed upon loan will never change percentage, and there will be no surprises.  Because there is no collateral for the amount of the loan, the only side that takes a risk, is the Merchant Cash Advance Company.  If your business is having a great day you can pay the balance off quicker.  If your business is having a slow day, you are not penalized.  The percentage always remains the same, and the amount differs based on your sales.  Perhaps one of the most important aspects in today’s society, where your credit score can make or break you, Merchant Cash Advance companies do not appear on your credit report.  To summarize, with the absence of guarantees, collateral, and equity, Merchant Cash Advances are a risk free solution to your monetary needs.

  3. Which businesses qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance?
    Merchant Cash Advances have supported business owners in all industries.  The only requirements are that you are a business that deals with credit card transactions totaling to a minimum of $5,000 and have been active for minimally a year.

  4. How much can my business receive with a Merchant Cash Advance?
    The average size of our cash advance is $25,000, although cash advances range from $2,500 to $500,000.

  5. Will you review the owner’s credit history?
    As part of the qualification process, the owners credit will be reviewed.  However, if your credit is not the sole determination of whether you will receive the cash advance.  Rather, we look at the history of your business profits, along with a projection based on your industry and location. Many business owners with damaged credit have received hassle free loans.

  6. Does the business owner need personal collateral for a Merchant Cash Advance?
    No collateral is ever required for a Merchant Cash Advance.

  7. How long does the approval process take?
    Approval times are based on the business owner. This means, the faster you get the required paperwork to your representative, the faster you will have access to your loan.  Generally the approval process takes an average of 72 hours.  If we are able to get in touch with the trade references you provided, and you have signed the approved agreement, you can retrieve the necessary funds the next day.

  8. How do I get the money?
    After your cash advance is approved, the money is electronically deposited into your checking account.

  9. What can I use the money for?
    How and when you use the funds is completely up to you.  Use it to build an addition to your business, purchase new equipment and inventory, extend your promotional capabilities, or save it for a rainy day.

  10. Will my business need to change credit card processors?
    We will recommend credit card processing vendors that will be more cost effective to your business.  We are here to support you in your goal of using your funds wisely in order to succeed, which entails making smart decisions on who you choose as vendors.  Because we have strong relationships with credit card processing vendors, the rates they offer to our clients are unbeatable.

  11. Who would I call with questions about my account?
    Just call 800.350.6645 and speak to one of the AdvantEdge Merchant Solutions customer service representatives.

  12. What if I already have a business loan?
    Because our ?product is a cash advance, not a loan, you are free to apply at our company. If you qualify and meet our requirements, we will provide immediate funds.

  13. I have a merchant cash advance with another company, can AdvantEdge replace that arrangement and offer me more money?
    AdvantEdge will beat the terms of any Merchant Cash Advance.  Like switching car companies before the end of the lease, we will pay off your existing advance if it is the logical thing to do for your business.  Because our staff is comprised of previous business owners, we will always ensure that you are given the right recommendation to ensure your success in the competitive world of small business.

  14. What if I have any other questions?
    Call us toll free at 800.350.6645 or email us if you prefer Our commitment is to serve you the best we can. Because your success ensures ours.